"A small, fleeting and seemingly insignificant gesture at the border of one of film history’s most beloved classics is unfolded and spread out into the grand coordinates of this film and Western movies in general."
- Johannes Binotto, Lucerne School of Art and Design & the University of Zurich
"If you’ve ever understood claustrophobia or the wall-scratching anxieties of cabin fever, you understand a bit of the psychology at work here, but this essay does a great job turning that instinctual idea into visually communicative fact."
Commissioned by the International Film Festival Rotterdam, Summer 2021. Screened before the festival's closing film, Poupelle of Chimney Town.
"seeing through Feast," a video essay commissioned as part of Critics' Choice VII: On Positionality at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, February 2021. Screened before the premiere of Tim Leyendekker's Feast (2021).
A video essay comparing Maxim de Winter's Manderley in Rebecca (1940) and Charles Foster Kane's Xanadu in Citizen Kane (1941). Made as a sequel to a video essay by Rob Stone.
Seeing Truffaut’s Hitchcock is an ongoing Scalar book project. More specifically, the project is an audiovisual adaptation of François Truffaut’s 1966 interview with — and study of — Alfred Hitchcock. The project features short video essays that explore concepts and ideas discussed in Hitchcock.​​​​​​​
All of the videos can also be found in the showcase below.

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