Below are links to my video essays, teaching and lectures, writings on video essays, and other videographic work. 
Access all of my videos on Vimeo, here.
"If you’ve ever understood claustrophobia or the wall-scratching anxieties of cabin fever, you understand a bit of the psychology at work here, but this essay does a great job turning that instinctual idea into visually communicative fact."
A video essay comparing Maxim de Winter's Manderley in Rebecca (1940) and 
Charles Foster Kane's Xanadu in Citizen Kane (1941).
The Black Lives Matter Video Essay Playlist is an ongoing curation of more than 100 audiovisual works that critically reappropriate existing works of film and media. The list began in 2020 and is co-curated by Kevin B. Lee, Cydnii Wilde Harris, and myself. Videos on the list center on topics related to the Black Lives Matter movement, the murder of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis, police brutality, protests, and other pertinent issues. Read the list here.
Seeing Truffaut's Hitchcock 
Seeing Truffaut’s Hitchcock is an ongoing Scalar book project and audiovisual adaptation of François Truffaut’s 1966 interview with — and study of — Alfred Hitchcock. The project features short video essays that explore concepts and ideas discussed in Hitchcock.Click here to access the project.
The Journeys of Cary Grant: An Audiovisual Celebration
A partnership between the Cary Comes Home Festival and The Video Essay Podcast. In July 2020, we put out a call for video essays and other critical audiovisual works related to the life and career of Cary Grant centered on the theme of journeys, "not only in terms of geography, place, space and physical travels (both real life and on film), but also in terms of psychological journeys: voyages of identity, self-discovery and self-invention." All submissions will be published on both the festival's and the podcast's websites, with some of the best work screened at the festival in November 2020. Creators of the best work will also be invited to participate in a panel co-chaired by myself and Dr. Charlotte Crofts, the festival director. Read our call for essays here. 

Sight & Sound
Best Video Essays of 2019
Since 2017, Sight & Sound, the magazine of the British Film Institute, has published a poll of the year's best video essays. I was asked to co-edit the 2019 list with Grace Lee and Ariel Avissar. The article features an introductory essay and contributions from 39 leading practitioners of the form. Read the article here. Past polls: 2017 ; 2018.
Teaching & Invited Talks
Invited Presentations & Workshops
“The Aesthetics of the Video Essay” — May 2020
One-hour lecture as part of a two-day symposium at Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg, Ludwigsburg, Germany. 
Co-Instructor, Workshop on Videographic Criticism — February 2020
One-day workshop at the University of Exeter, Exeter, United Kingdom. 
Teaching Assistant, Scholarship in Sound & Image Workshop, Middlebury Digital Liberal Arts Institute, June 2020
       A two-week program for scholars to learn the theory and technical skills necessary to produce videographic criticism. As TA, I served as a mentor to the 14 scholars who participated, provided feedback on projects in small and large group settings, assisted in teaching basic skills in Adobe Premiere, and served as the residential assistant and helped coordinate logistics for the workshop. While at the workshop, I also created a series of videographic exercises on the HBO miniseries John Adams, which you can watch here.
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