UFO by Garrett M. Graff
For two years, I worked as the primary researcher on this book by bestselling historian and journalist Garrett M. Graff. 
From Garrett M. Graff, New York Times bestselling author of Raven Rock, The Only Plane in the Sky, and Pulitzer Prize finalist for history Watergate, comes the first comprehensive and eye-opening exploration of our government’s decades-long quest to solve one of humanity’s greatest mysteries: Are we alone in the universe?
Now, for the first time, the full story of our national obsession with UFOs—and the covert, decades-long search by scientists, the United States military, and the CIA for proof of alien life—is told by bestselling author and Pulitzer Prize finalist Garrett M. Graff in a deeply reported and researched history.
It begins in 1947, when two headline-making sightings of strange flying objects—the first near Mount Rainier, Washington, involving a pilot named Kenneth Arnold, and the second a ranch on the outskirts of a New Mexico town called Roswell—prompt the US Air Force’s newly formed Department of Defense to create a series of secret programs to determine how unidentified phenomena may pose a threat to national security. Over the next half-century, as the atomic age gives way to the space race and the Cold War, the search continues, bringing together an unexpected group of astronomers, military officials, civilian contactees, and true believers who bring us closer, then further, then closer again, to answering one of our most enduring questions: What exactly is out there?
My work on this book included: 
♦ Drafting detailed research memos on topics including the US Military, SETI, conspiracy culture, national security, & the Cold War 
♦ Original research at the National Archives
♦ Proofreading, fact-checking and writing citations for the final manuscript and various drafts
♦ Organizing editorial workflow, including building Google Drive folders, spreadsheets, bibliographies, etc. 
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