The Video Essay Podcast is an interview show dedicated to discussion of the theory and practice of videographic criticism. Since the show began in August 2019,  most episodes have featured interviews with leading practitioners of the form, including critics, scholars, and filmmakers. The podcast is accompanied by a weekly newsletter, Notes on Videographic Criticism, which is free and has been published on SubStack since April 2020. The newsletter features original written essays, links to video essay news and notes, short interviews with creators, and more. In March 2021, the podcast launched On Your Screen, a companion show highlighting online screenings, film festivals, and other aspects of digital film culture that one may encounter on their screen.
The term "video essay" is a loosely-defined one. Video essayists come from a wide range of professional backgrounds and artistic traditions. This podcast aims to push back against any preconceived definitions of the video essay and ask a simple question: what can a video essay be? This question has been debated among practitioners of the form for years, and this podcast aims to document those conversations as best as one can. For more information on videographic criticism, or what is sometimes referred to as audiovisual criticism, check out this list made by Professor Ian Garwood of the University of Glasgow. 
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