"A brilliant innovation in film criticism" - Professor Rob Stone, University of Birmingham
Rio Bravo Diary” is a Twitter-based, videographic project and study in film analysis. 
I am watching Rio Bravo (Howard Hawks; 1959) over the course of one year and chronicling my journey via Twitter. I have divided the film into 365 (roughly equal) parts and will tweet one clip per day and comment on what I watch in no more than the 280-character limit of a single tweet. Follow the project on Twitter, @RioBravoDiary.​​​​​​​
Read more about the project here: www.riobravodiary.com
"Rio Bravo Diary" began by wondering how the Twitter feed itself might be considered a form of videographic criticism. Similarly, the videos below are an attempt to adapt tweets from "Rio Bravo Diary" and subsequent exchanges on Twitter into videographic criticism. What happens when one medium becomes another? 
Other Work
Beyond "Rio Bravo Diary," I have created a series of videographic experiments about Rio Bravo
Read a short essay about this video, here.
Inspired by the trailer to The Muse (Albert Brooks; 1999).
A collection of videographic exercises made in 2017. The first pieces of videographic criticism I ever made. [And the best response imaginable.

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