Rio Bravo Diary” is a Twitter-based, videographic project and study in film analysis. 
I am watching Rio Bravo (Howard Hawks; 1959) over the course of one year and chronicling my journey via Twitter. I have divided the film into 365 (roughly equal) parts and will tweet one clip per day and comment on what I watch in no more than the 280-character limit of a single tweet. Follow the project on Twitter, @RioBravoDiary.​​​​​​​
Read more about the project here:
Other Work
Beyond "Rio Bravo Diary," I have created a series of videographic experiments about Rio Bravo
Read a short essay about this video, here.
Inspired by the trailer to The Muse (Albert Brooks; 1999).
A collection of videographic exercises made in 2017. The first pieces of videographic criticism I ever made. [And the best response imaginable.
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