Recent Work
November 2023
"That Thing in the Toilet: On George Kuchar, the Flaherty Film Seminar, and Weather Diary 1," Presentation at In the Works. Makings & Unmakings of the Video Essay, Lucerne, Switzerland
Episode 41 of The Video Essay Podcast: "Feminist Videographic Diptychs with Catherine Fowler"
October 2023
Report on "Against Gravity. The Art of Machinima" for Millennium Film Journal Issue No. 78 
Presentation at the University of Amsterdam, "Remix, Renimate, Reimagine: The Archival Potentials of Videographic Criticism"
September 2023
Against Polish or, Notes on Videographic Labor or, You Could Remix Blazing Saddles Today” published in ZfM: Zeitschrift für Medienwisschenschaft
Co-wrote video essay "The Day Seinfeld Was Born" for Entertain the Elk
August 2023
Report on Prismatic Ground for Senses of Cinema
Notes on Videographic Criticism Vol. 4, Iss. 1: Vertigoed
Capsule review of Inland Empire re-release published in Cineaste 
July 2023 
Videos on George Kuchar made for Embodying the Video Essay at Bowdoin College
Episode 39 of The Video Essay Podcast featuring Alan O'Leary of Aarhus University 
June 2023
Episode 38 of The Video Essay PodcastAlexandre O. Philippe on Lynch/Oz
May 2023
Report on CPH:DOX published in Senses of Cinema
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