I am currently a PhD Candidate in the School for Cultural Analysis at the University of Amsterdam.  My project centers on the intersections of American avant-garde cinema, videographic criticism, digital remix culture, and archival practice. I am currently at work on a chapter about the pioneering filmmaker and video artist George Kuchar. 
Above one of several short videos I made about Kuchar and his film Weather Diary 1 while participating in Embodying the Video Essay, a workshop held at Bowdoin College in 2023. 
Recent presentations related to my research include: 
“That Thing in the Toilet: On George Kuchar, the Flaherty Film Seminar, and Weather Diary 1.” Presentation at In the Works. Makings and Unmakings of the Video Essay, Lucerne School of Art & Design, Lucerne, Switzerland, November 2023.
"Remix, Reanimate, Reimagine: The Archival Potentials of Videographic Criticism," presentation at the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis, University of Amsterdam, October 2023.
“Animate the Filing Cabinet – The Archival Potentials of Videographic Criticism,” online videographic poster presentation, EYE International Film Conference, virtual, June 2023.
More updates are available at my blog: www.moodycurtains.com.
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