Reporting Clips

I. Film Festival Preview: International Filmmakers Give Their Unique Take on Cinema

II. Federal Government Seeks Lake Champlain Cleanup Cuts; State Pushes Back

III. “The Collinwood Fire” Slated For PBS Online Film Festival

IV.  Campus is Vandalized, with College Labeled Racist

V. Interview: Barney Frank and John Sununu Discuss Campus Free Speech, Political Climate

VI. Makeshift Gun Ranges Draw Fire; Call For Safer Shooting Spaces Grows

VII. Profile: Filmmaker & Professor Discusses Writing TV Series & Designing Sound for “Jackie”

VIII. Whiting residents up in arms after neighbor opens gun range

IX. New Essay Collection Makes the Case For Terence Rattigan

X. Hamlet still hits home in 2017

Student Protests at Middlebury:

I helped lead The Middlebury Campus’s coverage of the student-led protests of Charles Murray in March. My coverage went viral and was featured nationally. For a complete timeline of my work, please click here. 


All articles written for The Addison Independent.

All articles written for The Middlebury Campus.