Media Studies

I am a member of the Media Portrayal of Minorities Lab at Middlebury, where I am working with Erik Bleich, Charles A. Dana Professor of Political Science, and a group of students examining the American, Australian, British, and Canadian print media’s portrayal of minority groups and other topics. 

Our work uses STATA to analyze thousands of articles drawn from Lexis Nexis & ProQuest. We are currently at work on a book about the print media’s portrayal of Muslims from 1996-2016. My research includes: 

“The Downfall of Crown Prince Charming: Examining coverage of Mohammed bin Salman before and after Jamal Khashoggi’s murder”

Nov. 2018 — This is an analysis of coverage of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in the New York Times and Washington Post. My research examines coverage of MBS before and after the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. The research is a quantitative backing to a piece by New York Times columnist Jim Rutenberg in which he criticizes the media’s coverage of MBS prior to Khashoggi’s murder. He approved of the work!

Free Speech on College Campuses: Exploring U.S. Newspaper Coverage from 2008-2017” 

Coverage of research in The Addison Independent in conjunction with Frank Bruni’s visit to Middlebury. 

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Clinton, Trump and Sexual Assault: Coverage of Survivors of Sexual Assault & Misconduct in Two Eras


June 2018 — I have also conducted research on the media’s portrayal of survivors of sexual assault. This research compares two different eras of coverage: 14 months before and after news of the Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal broke, and 14 months before and after the Donald Trump Access Hollywood tape was released. The study examines articles found in the New York Times and Washington Post