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At Middlebury, I served as editor in chief and president of the student newspaper, The Middlebury Campus, from 2018-19. Before that, I worked as managing editor (2017-18) and news editor (2016-17).

As news editor in 2017, I had my reporting on the student protests of the controversial writer Charles Murray go viral. My Periscope live stream of the protest has been viewed on YouTube more than 160,000 times. I reflected on covering the protest for the New York Times in 2017.  In the years after the protest, Middlebury was repeatedly in the news for speech related issues, and as an editor and reporter, I led the paper’s coverage through several national controversies. Read my reflection on the role of student journalism in the midst of a campus controversy from 2019.

As editor in chief, oversaw the production of the paper’s first ever  “Election Issue,” a preview to the 2018 midterm elections, featuring interviews with the incumbent governor of Vermont,  his general election challenger, Vermont’s congressman, election experts, and more. Read my note explaining why we decided to publish it here, and the entire issue here.


As an intern at the Burlington Free Press, I often hosted the paper’s morning news show on Facebook Live and discussed the day’s news.

In 2016, as an editorial intern at JazzTimes magazine, I worked as a videographer at the Newport Jazz Festival and helped interview more than two dozen artists for the magazine’s YouTube channel.

At the Burlington Free Press, I reviewed the top five nacho restaurants in the city in response to a trending question on Burlington’s Reddit page. I hosted, shot, and edit the series.


From 2016 to 2017 I was a fellow in narrative journalism for Middlebury Magazine. As a fellow, I crafted audio portraits of the student body that answered the question, “How did you get here?” I worked alongside Sue Halpern and three other students on a year-long radio documentary project.

My two other profiles can be found here and here.




Two of my photographs were published on the front page of the Burlington Free Press.