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Profiles & Interviews
Government & Activism
Conservative activist James O’Keefe spams community with invites to cancelled lecture – The Middlebury Campus
Why two football players decided to kneel during the national anthem – The Middlebury Campus
EPA Proposes Cuts to Lake Champlain Clean-up Project – The Addison Independent (4,400 feature; co-byline)
Viral reportage and series of articles on the student protests of Charles Murray – The Middlebury Campus
An American apologized for President Trump and a Canadian responded – USA Today
Residents up in arms after neighbor opens illegal gun range – The Addison Independent
Make-shift draw fires as call for safer shooting spaces grows – The Addison Independent
Tax district seeks extension to continue economic development – The Addison Independent
VT National Guard Departs for Middle East – Burlington Free Press (co-byline)
Breaking News
WCAX to make another wave of job cuts – Burlington Free Press
Burlington Police Chief injured in bicycle accident – Burlington Free Press (co-byline)
UVM Nurses say they will go on strike – Burlington Free Press (co-byline)
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