Film Reviews, Hot Takes, Reporting, et al.

Here’s some stuff I have written about film. I am currently pursuing a B.A. in Film & Media Culture at Middlebury College. I am also a current contributor and former intern at Film School Rejects/One Perfect Shot. 

Film School Rejects/One Perfect Shot

Shot By Shot Analyses: 
The Opening Scene of Rio Bravo
Meeting Gill-man in Creature from the Black Lagoon

Hitchcock’s Cary Grant: A Man at Work
The Case for Robert California
The Best Year in Movies was 1959
Movies May Be Our Final Refuge From Everyday Life
Midnight in Paris and the Allure of Hate Watching
Examining How Films Effectively Utilize Cliche
A Beginner’s Guide to Grace Kelly
A Look at Spike Lee’s He Got Game 20 Years Later
Watch Out for Mrs: Comparing Hitchcock’s Rebecca and Psycho
Exploring the Relationship Between Citizen Kane and Rebecca

Posts about Video Essays:
The Difference Between Marilyn Monroe’s Public and Private Personas
Why We Love the Old, Grainy Face of Film
When Francois Truffaut’s Life Imitated His Art
How Walter White Became a Weapon
Paul Thomas Anderson Really Loves Frames
Connections Expand the Saoirse Ronan Universe
Why Hitchcock Altered the Opening of Notorious
How Guillermo del Toro Uses Color 

Video Essay Guides:
Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo
Five Must Watch Video Essays For Hitchcock Fans
A Video Essay Guide to Citizen Kane
A Video Essay Guide to Paul Thomas Anderson
A Video Essay Guide to Your Favorite Cartoons
A Video Essay Guide to Pixar 

You can find my complete archive here.

Reporting Clips

Interview: Host of Netflix’s Cook on High shares weed adviceBurlington Free Press
Profile: Officer Clemmons discusses new Mister Rogers filmBurlington Free Press
Interviews with 5 international filmmakers about their workThe Addison Independent
Feature: Animated film screened at PBS Online Film FestivalThe Addison Independent
Profile of Jackie sound designer David Miranda HardyThe Middlebury Campus
Article on NEH-funded workshop on videographic criticismThe Addison Independent
New animated short depicts immigrant family separationBurlington Free Press

Film Reviews

They (2018) – Film School Rejects/One Perfect Shot
The Center Will Not Hold
 – The Middlebury Campus

La La Land (2017) The Middlebury Campus
I Am Not Your Negro (2017)The Middlebury Campus
Hidden Figures (2017) The Middlebury Campus
Best of Enemies (2015) – HuffPost
Everything is Copy (2015) – HuffPost

Undergraduate Essays

Beyond High Noon: The Case for Rio Bravo.” (7865 words) Final paper for Prof. Leger Grindon’s “Methods of Film Criticism.” (May 2018).

Men of the Hour: Dean Martin and Ronald Reagan, How Television Roasts Rebranded Two of America’s Leading Men.” (2,893 words) Final paper for Prof. Jason Mittell’s “Television & American Culture.” (May 2017).