Essays & Criticism

Selected Film School Rejects/ One Perfect Shot Articles

Spaceballs is a Prophetic Critique of Mass Consumption”
“How The Hateful Eight Turns Limitation into Brilliance”
“Martin Scorsese’s Public Speaking Should Be Considered One of His Best” (For NonFics)
100 Best Films of the Decade: Blurbs on Portrait of a Lady on Fire, The Wolf of Wall Streetand The Florida Project
“Hitchcock’s Cary Grant: A Man at Work”
“Shot by Shot: Meeting Gill-man in Creature from the Black Lagoon
“Shot by Shot: The Opening Scene of Rio Bravo
“The Movies May Be Our Final Refuge From Everyday Life”
“Reexamining Spike Lee’s He Got Game Twenty Years Later”
“The Best Year in Movies was 1959”
“The Case for Robert California”
“Midnight in Paris and the Allure of Hate Watching”

Selected Reviews

Jack of All Trades (2019) – NonFics
They (2018) – Film School Rejects
The Center Will Not Hold (2017) – The Middlebury Campus
La La Land (2017) – The Middlebury Campus
I Am Not Your Negro (2017)  – The Middlebury Campus
Hidden Figures (2017) – The Middlebury Campus
Best of Enemies – HuffPost
Everything is Copy – HuffPost

Selected Essays

“I Cover the Waterfront: On Finding Bibles” – The Middlebury Campus
“I Cover the Waterfront: On Jefferson, Adams, and Guns” – The Middlebury Campus
“I Cover the Waterfront: On This Column”The Middlebury Campus
“A Note on Student Journalism” – Medium
“My Experience Covering the Protests of Charles Murray at Middlebury” – HuffPost
“Discord at Middlebury: Students on the Anti-Murray Protests” – New York Times (co-byline)
“What Does the Future of Bookstores Look Like?” – HuffPost