Current Work
Since Dec. 2021, I have worked  full-time as a researcher for historian and journalist Garrett M. Graff. My work includes research for the forthcoming book from Simon & Schuster, UFO: "From the post-war Project Blue Book to the Pentagon’s modern-day Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, bestselling author and historian Garrett M. Graff presents the first serious narrative history of humanity’s hunt for alien life—including the military and CIA’s secret, decades-long quest to study UFOs."
I am also the researcher for the forthcoming podcast, Long Shadow: Rise of the American Far Right. The podcast details a number of key events, including Waco, Ruby Ridge, the Oklahoma City Bombings, and more, all to answer the question: how did we get here?
Past Work
I previously worked as a researcher and media analyst at Media Matters for America, where I covered right-wing media, disinformation, and online extremism, and focused on figures including Alex Jones and Steve Bannon. 
Many of the public reports I wrote and offered research contributions can be found here.​​​​​​​
Past Journalism Experience
While a student at Middlebury College, I worked as a journalist throughout the state of Vermont, including at the Burlington Free Press (USA Today Network), the largest daily newspaper in the state, and the Addison County Independent. My reporting was republished in USA Today and the Associated Press, and I once freelanced in Vermont for the Washington Post. 
I served as the editor-in-chief of the student newspaper, The Middlebury Campus. While there, I oversaw a number of projects, including the paper's first-ever special issue dedicated to the 2018 midterm elections. The college became the subject of several national stories during my time as an editor, and our reporting was routinely cited by national outlets.  
You can access my Burlington Free Press archive here and my Campus archive here.
During the summer of 2016, I worked part-time as an editorial intern at JazzTimes, where I wrote for the magazine's daily news blog and assisted as a videographer at the Newport Jazz Festival.
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