Stuff I Wrote: Aug. 6 – Aug. 13

“Gun range dispute in Whiting intensifies” - The Addison Independent  Last month I wrote about a Whiting resident who is accused of operating an illegal, commercial gun range on his property. This week, I follow-up and attended a zoning board hearing and visited the property in question. The hearing was intense and many of the appellant’s neighbors accused [...]

Stuff I Wrote: July 16 – July 22

“Believe it or not, reporting matters” - The Addison Independent An op-ed I wrote on the current media climate. S/o David Carr. “Local animated film earns international acclaim” - The Addison Independent A story about “The Collinwood Fire,” a wonderful animated film that was selected for the PBS Online Film Festival. For the article, I spoke with [...]

Stuff I Wrote: June 11 – 17

Meals on Wheels reduces staff; volunteers are angry - The Addison IndependentAge Well, a non-profit based in Burlington that oversees a number of programs in Vermont, including Meals on Wheels in four counties, fired their volunteer coordinators in each county due to federal funding concerns. Volunteers are not happy and say that doing so will cripple the [...]