Stuff I Wrote: MAY 2018

Last month, I wrote what may be my magnum opus for Film School Rejects/OnePerfectShot: A 2,000+ word analysis of the opening of Howard Hawks’ Rio Bravo, aka my favorite film/the best film of all-time.

I also wrote about Spike Lee’s He Got Game, in celebration of the film’s 20th birthday.

A new thing I’ve started doing for FSR is putting together video essay “guides.” My first was to Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo; my second to Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane. I figured, why not start with the best?

Also, in the “stuff I will write” category, I am thrilled and grateful to have been named a Kellogg Fellow in the Humanities. This fellowship from Middlebury will provide me with a generous stipend to conduct research for my senior thesis.

From the release: “Will DiGravio ’19, a film and media culture major, will study the work of film director Alfred Hitchcock through his project titled “The Auteur as Adaptor: Examining the Production of Hitchcock’s Rebecca and Dial M for Murder.” DiGravio’s research will take him to Los Angeles and Austin, Texas, including five days at the Alfred Hitchcock Archive at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Margaret Herrick Library. DiGravio’s faculty advisor is Professor Christian Keathley.”

Special thank you to my advisors and professors who helped me piece the proposal together!

Finally, I started assisting with One Perfect Shot’s social, selecting the “perfect shots.” Here are a few of the shots I’ve chosen:

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