Stuff I Wrote: Feb. 2018

February was the first full month I spent as an intern with Film School Rejects/One Perfect Shot. It has been incredibly cool experience having a platform to write about film. In February, I was tasked with finding great video essays and writing about them. Here are the essays I wrote about:

The Difference Between Marilyn Monroe’s Public and Private Personas
Why We Love the Old, Grainy Face of Film
Five Must Watch Video Essays For Hitchcock Fans
Paul Thomas Anderson Really Loves Frames
A Connection Between Characters in the Saoirse Ronan Universe
Why Hitchcock Altered the Opening Sequence of Notorious
How Guillermo del Toro Uses Color to Create New Worlds

I also wrote about a video essay I made comparing Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca and Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane:
Exploring the Relationship Between Citizen Kane and Rebecca

Per usual, here is the monthly “Best Of” list I put together for The Middlebury Campus. Please check it out, we produced some great work this month!

And, finally, I wrote one ‘I Cover the Waterfront’ this month, on the deification of the Founding Fathers in the gun control debate.

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