Stuff I Wrote: November & December

How is it already December? And how is the semester almost over? This week we published our final issue of The Campus – Middlebury’s one and only weekly, student-newspaper. It’s been an incredible semester and I’m very proud to be able to work alongside a phenomenal group of editors and reporters. In addition to writing a few things, I was lucky enough to edit some great stories. Be sure to read the “Best of” list!

Here’s the stuff I wrote in November:

  • The controversial conservative activist James O’Keefe came to town this week, just days after the Washington Post exposed a failed operation by a member of his organization, Project Veritas, to plant a false story with the paper about Roy Moore. Though O’Keefe did not speak on campus, the school received spam emails from an unknown organization alleging to be comprised of anonymous Middlebury students. Here’s my story on what happened.
    • Also, my story was featured in Politico’s morning email blast featuring news about higher education.
    • And check out this great interview two of our news editors (Nick Garber and Elaine Velie) did with VT Digger about the O’Keefe event and general tensions on the Middlebury campus.
  • For my weekly column, I wrote about “finding Bibles,” and what different books I have read throughout my life mean to me.

And December:

  • Two members of the Middlebury football team decided to kneel during the national anthem this season. Here’s their story.


And the Best Of List! Here’s 44 of our best stories from November and our one December issue.

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