Stuff I Wrote: September

It’s been three weeks since I arrived back at Middlebury, and in that time we’ve published three issues of The Middlebury Campus, our student newspaper.

It’s my first year as managing editor, and though I’ve enjoyed working with our staff to develop story ideas, change our design, and just improve the quality of our product, I miss writing and reporting. 

Because I’m not writing as much, I’ll probably only post these updates once a month. However, you should definitely check out for some high-quality student journalism. We have a great team this year and I’m super excited to read all the great work they’ll do.

I Cover the Waterfront: On This Column – The Middlebury Campus

I started a column where I where I will write about media and journalism as often as I can. In this first column, I explain the name and what I hope to accomplish. 

I Cover the Waterfront: On Original Reporting – The Middlebury Campus

Largest Class In Year Convenes In Mead Chapel – The Middlebury Campus

An article on the Class of 2012 being welcomed to the college by the administration at convocation. 


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