Stuff I Wrote: June 25- July 1

NEH grant funds new form of film criticism – The Addison Independent

The National Endowment for the Humanities funded at workshop at Middlebury College this month where scholars are learning how to create videographic criticism. The goal of the workshop is to teach scholars the art of the video essay, a new and innovative form of scholarship.

Everything is Copy until it isn’t – The Huffington Post

A review of the 2015 documentary Everything is Copy five years after Nora Ephron’s death.

Lincoln general store owner knows her customers – The Addison Independent

A profile of the owner of the only storefront in Lincoln, Vermont.

Middlebury summer movies and music returns – The Addison Independent

Movie screenings and concert series are returning for a second year.

Student receives State Department scholarship to study in China – The Addison Independent

Short article on a local high school student who will spend the year learning Chinese abroad on a DOS scholarship.

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