will digravio

I am a journalist and student. As the former, I am interested in covering entertainment, media, and politics. As the latter, I make video essays, and write regular ones, about movies. I will graduate (if all goes to plan) from Middlebury College in May of 2019 with a B.A. in Film & Media Culture and minors in Political Science and English & American Literatures.

Currently, I am a contributor at FilmSchoolRejects.com, also known as @OnePerfectShot on Twitter.  My work there is Guillermo del Toro-approved

At Middlebury, I am the editor in chief and president of the student newspaper, The Middlebury Campus. 

During the summer of 2018, I worked as a reporting intern at the Burlington Free Press, a daily newspaper part of the USA Today Network. I previously worked at a twice-weekly county newspaper in Vermont and at a jazz magazine. 

I have freelanced for the Washington Post, contributed to the New York Times On Campus blog, and my work at the Free Press was republished by USA Today and the Association Press. 

My current video essay project, “Videographic Hitchcock,” is a videographic companion to Hitchcock, François Truffaut’s definitive 1966 of Alfred Hitchcock. My senior thesis, for which I received the Kellogg Fellowship in the Humanities, is also on the work of Alfred Hitchcock.

You can learn more about me via the tabs to your left and by following me on Twitter.